What Is A Vision?

So in 2007 I watched an episode on Oprah about vision boards and I have been doing them ever since. What is it? Well a vision board is what you are putting out to the universe what you want/need in life. Since I am very much a fan of visual learning this is right up my ally. I even have my speech students do this as an exercise for a demonstration speech. Over the years our visions change therefore you board needs to change. At one point my board just got too big and out of control so in the spring I revised it to the core things that are important to me. Please see below:


So what’s interesting was when I redid my board I had a picture of a refrigerator since we had an old one and needed a new one. We really didn’t have the money to buy a brand new one. In August my husband called me and said that someone from their work was moving and the place already had new appliances and they had a 6 month old stainless steel refrigerator and stove were we interested? So we ended up getting both pieces for a fraction of the cost of what just one of them would be. I have countless stories of how my vision board has worked in the past. I challenge you to make your own visions a reality.

Here is a great article to explain how and what a vision board is. Also you can just Google vision board and it will show you countless ways of how to create.


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